July 28, 2006


For lots of people the fighting in the Middle East signals the End of Days. And they really do feel fine. Media Matters has some appearance by End Times advocates. I think Tim LaHaye, author of the Left Behind books is one of the creepier humans I have ever seen. If the world is ending, he couldn't be happier.

These people are rooting for more violence in Israel, because they think that's what's going to trigger the rapture and The Big Guy's return and all the badly written fun you find in the Left Behind books. The fundies support Israel, but only in the sense that the existence of Israel fufills their wild-ass biblical prophecies. They don't want an Israel living in peace with its neighbors. A peaceful Middle East won't fill the pews or sell the books. Which means that the fundies are completely fine with the dumb-ass diplomatic approach that the Bush administration is taking.

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larry said...

If you want us to click, you've got to find something more interesting than mortgages or ring tones.

How about someone raising money to buy a copy of "Diplomacy for Dummies" that will be donated to Condi Rice....?