January 5, 2005

Blogs and The West Wing

Blogs are now totaly part of the part of the political universe. They have shown up twice this season on the West Wing, which is where all politics and popular culture meet as far as I am concerned. Tonight had C.J. dogged by trashy blog putting out that she, umm, was a very good basketball player. Trashy Blogs, my word, who would read such a thing. I'm so glad I'm part of so trendy a trend by writing a blog. You, the reader of my blog, are also trendy for reading my blog, but not as trendy as I, because this thing is harder to write than to read.

I would like to take this oppertunity to say that the West Wing has bounced back from last season, where it was in real danger of becoming bad. They have really rocked the boat this year and it's made for good shows. Mainly because the cast is just so damn good the "Staff" has stayed on the show much, much longer than real West Wing staff. George Stephenopolus once said that "Presidents use their staff up like bullets" and there can be real drama in a staff shake-up with some people leaving, others are promoted and others are not. It has really broken the show out of a rut.

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