January 12, 2005

Cynical, Me?

Are young people really this cynical -

People under 30 tend to be incredibly cynical about the future. My hunch is that if you asked them whether any once-august but increasingly maligned institution will be around in 40 years--functional public schools, a reliable healthcare system, an objective media, sit-coms, music videos, the Brooklyn Dodgers (oh wait...)--a majority would probably tell you "no". It's just their natural reflex

Personally I think public schools will stick around and that the music video will never die, but I'm pretty sure the healthcare system and the objective media are doomed.


Laura said...

Well, not to be cynical...But, isn't the health care system already failed and not failing? 45 million uninsured Americans means that 45 million Americans don't have access to a reliable health care system. That's like 20% of Americans, not to mention the many more underinsured and those who have insurance and yet are denied health procedures by their insurance companies.

I don't think we're cynical, folks. I think we're just realists....

Chris said...

I'm pretty positive about Europe these days. I think that countries on this side of the Atlantic in general have a better set of priorities about health, transportation, employment, marriage, the role of religion in government, and so on. Hopefully the US will catch up eventually. It is still quite a young country afterall.