January 22, 2005

Traffic Report

Just though all you would like to hear about the traffic that Craigorian Chant is getting. Thanks to the free trial offered by the good people at Hitmatic, now we know. We are averaging just under 200 page views a week and about 50 unique visitors each week for the last month. Thank you loyal readers. Your favorite day to check the site is Tuesday and you favorite time is between 8:00 and 9:00 p.m. In the last month the Chant has gotten hits from computers in 12 different time zones and 16 different countries. People are finding the Chant with Google search terms including "spell-check" and "expert on political matters." 5 People found the Chant with the search phrase "brad and jennifer break up" which tells me I need to do more celebrity gossip. 10% of readers use Macs, one (one person, not one percent) use Linux, and the rest use some form of Windows. Kind of scary how much you can know, eh?

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