January 21, 2005

Friday Roundup

Craigorian Chant is not yet equipped to cover the inauguration parties the way they need to be. Go to Wonkette to get all the dirty, dirty details. In other news Craigorian Chant is looking to hire a hot female gossip reporter. Must be able to sneak into parties uninvited and find Craig attractive on some level. Send resumes and headshots.

More Iraqi Election Fun - The city of Mosul (2 million souls) is going to have 40 polling places! That's 33,000 voters per polling place for those of you keeping score at home. But I'm sure that the Iraqi's will not mind standing in line. It's not like freaking CAR BOMBS are going off all the time!

Counting down Bush's term here.

Internet explorer losing market share: 16% of Craigorian Chant readers now use Foxfire.

Have a fun weekend everybody.

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