January 10, 2005


First let's all start getting on the Newt Gingrich '08 bandwagon. Please God let this man win the Republican nomination. In the words of the Gladflyer:

Contemplate for a moment the glory that would be a Gingrich candidacy. I think it would be a repeat of 1964, with Republicans winning only the South.

Also on the agenda is picking a DNC Chair. The DNC Chairman, for you non-insider types who read this blog is the nominal head of the Democratic Party, particularly now that we don't hold the Presidency. Howard Dean is actively campaigning for the job and there are various stop-Dean people and lots of the blogs I read (see sidebar) have been weighing in.

Put me in the Pro-Dean camp. The DNC chair has two main jobs: Get democrats organized (see also cats, herding) and debating the RNC Chair (Boo, Hiss) on Meet the Press. The Dean showed everyone how to organize online last year and he could really get the DNC going by bringing lots of Deaniacts in as party regulars. Also, I think he could do an excellent job of chopping up Republicans on live TV. The DNC Chair is the archetype of a partisan attack dog and having a reputation for the attack is a definite plus. So go Dean go. Down with Roemer!

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