January 14, 2005


More good stuff on California Gerrymandering. Everyone is quoting everyone. My turn:

Non-partisan redistricting -- depending on who does the redistricting (in other words, not a Governor-appointed commission) -- would force some of our incumbents into difficult reelections. Good -- that's the essence of democracy, not 70% Democratic districts.

And on the flip side, it would give Democrats the ability to pick up seats in a state with lots and lots of seats. Worst case? We lose some seats. But given the state of the House, being down by 15 or being down by 20 has little practical consequence.

Thats what I said! Er something like that. Competive races are more fun anyway, in addition to being good for democracy.
There is also some good stuff on how to beat Bush on Social Security. Short version - Beat it like Clinton's Heath Care Plan got beat.

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