January 4, 2005


I'm not saying that we might be off track on Iraq. I would never undermine our troops that way. But all of a sudden our guys are outnumbered:

200,000 INSURGENTS?: According to Iyad Allawi's intelligence chief, General Mohammed Abdullah Shahwani, the Sunni insurgency consists of 200,000 fighters, of which 40,000 are a hard core. "I think the resistance is bigger than the U.S. military in Iraq," Shahwani told AFP today.

If your friend has smashed his car into a brick wall is backing up to hit it again, is it considered anti-friend to point out his error? Is it considered anti-car?

I'm just pointing out that we seem to have a bit of a problem here:

The governor of the Baghdad region, known for cooperating closely with American troops, was assassinated along with six bodyguards as he drove to work Tuesday in yet another bloody day of insurgent attacks that exposed grave security flaws in Iraq (news - web sites) with elections less than a month away.

Other assaults Tuesday killed five American troops as well as eight Iraqi commandos and two civilians, bringing the death toll in the last three days to more than 70.

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Chris said...

Let's not forget that the Iraqi election is currently still scheduled for January 30. Moreover the names of the candidates have not been revealed for fear of security. Note to Karl Rove: this might be a good strategy in the next American election.