January 15, 2005

Weekend Entertainment Report Part 1

And now the Craigorian Chant Weekend Entertainment Report. Elektra is not a good movie. It is very beautiful on several levels not the least of which is Jennifer Garner (Hubba, Hubba, Hubba) and there are some great visual shots in the movie like the aforementioned Garner in full red outfit reflected in a glass of Scotch. The scene where the walking poison pill Typhoid Mary lays a kiss on the aforementioned Garner as a swirl of leaves decays around them means my $6.50 wasn't a complete wast. But the movie lacks everything else you need to have fun or care about a movie. You know, plot and dialog and stuff like that. Just a little effort on plot, is that too much to ask? Rob had the right call on this - wait for the DVD and ogle Jennifer in the privacy of your own home.

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