September 13, 2005

Brownie Be Gone

Ok, who had Monday the 12th in the pool for when the head of FEMA would be fired. He lasted a full two after Katrina before the unbearable cries of his time-starved family just became too much for him. Now that I'm in my car a lot more these days, I am able to take a sample of conservative am radio talking points, trying to get the blame off Bush. They go like this:

1. Its all the Mayor's fault.
2. Its all the Govenor's fault.
3. You shouldn't be so reliant on government anyway.
4. FEMA did fine.
5. Brown has been fired so the problem has been addressed.
6. Its just that liberal media.

In other words, its not my dog, it didn't bite you, and you kicked him first. Hearing this crap for a couple hours a day is the reason that 38% of the public still approve of the job Bush is doing.

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Laura said...

Well, and let's not forget that there is strong portion of the population that strongly believes that if yor're poor of if you're black or mexican, that you deserve to have bad things happen to you. These people believe that everything that goes on in this country is the fault of welfare recipients, people with absolutely no power. My grandfather (a staunch Republican) has a habit of sending me e-mails written by these conservative jackasses who firmly believe that the poor are responsible for all of America's problems.

Being a full time student with no job, I'm one of those who is considered to be below the poverty level, since the government doesn't recognize my family as being a family. And while I'd like to think I have some political clout, the reality is that I don't. I (along with all the other poor folks out there) basically sit back and watch while the country goes to hell around us.