September 8, 2005

Run and Hide

So a CBS ponly has only 38% of people approving of the way Bush has handled Katrina, while 58% disapprove. I'm just wondering what it will take for that 38% to start thinking bad things about Bush.

The Bush response is of course to run and hide. From the media that is. Political Animal has a good round-up of efforts to hide the effects of Katrina from the media.

For a more direct and less...refined version of the kind of displeasure being expressed by the public to the administration, check out this video clip. Priceless.

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Chris said...

Here's a more polished followup to another unscripted moment that happened live on MSNBC earlier in the week. "George Bush doesn't care about black people" has been expanded and remixed to the tune of Kanye West's own "Gold Digger".