September 19, 2005

Vegas Vacation

So I and part of the Craigorian Chant contributing staff have returned from a weekend in Vegas. By our count we committed six out the seven deadly sins. Can you guess the one we missed? Life seems rather mundane now. Boy, they don’t do anything by half in that town. The Venetian Hotel/Resort/Casino has constructed an actual Venetian-Style cannel network, complete with gondolas and the guys with the straw hats. Anyone who says “We can’t do that, it wouldn’t be practical/cost too much/a stupid thing to do in a desert, was run out of Vegas a long time ago. And boy do people love it. They come from all over to spend their money. Met people from Mexico, Japan and Ohio and that was just on my shuttle to the airport. Build it and they come. And they keep building it. Almost all the old strip casinos are gone and the ones that remain have a real air of desperation about them. This is now the age of the Super-Mega-Ultra resort/hotel/casino. All of which feature the following:

1. About 10,000 hotel rooms
2. A gimmick (Rome, Egypt, Pirates, etc)
3. An ultra hip night club with a one word name (Ra, Rubber, Risqué)
4. Slot machines beyond count.
5. A buffet of varying quality (Billagio Yes! Monty Carlo No!)
6. The sexiest stage show in Vegas.

Yes, they all have the sexiest stage show in Vegas. On my next trip I’ll have to start investigating these claims. They all can’t have the sexiest show. Stay tuned for a Craigorian Chant investigation.

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