September 10, 2005


The Bush Administration is adapting the hungry bear strategy to crisis management. To get away when being chased by a hungry bear, you don't have to run faster than the bear. You just have to run faster than the guy next to you. Bush, Inc is looking for anyone Mayor, Governor, etc. who can take the fall instead of Bush himself. The first guy to get eaten is Michael Brown, the head of FEMA, who has been relieved of on-site command of the Katrina relief efforts. He's not completely fired, he's going back to Washington where he can get really to screw up the next FEMA effort. I guess he's being feed to the bear in pieces.

Laura is assembling a group to storm the Capitol with pitchforks and torches. She asks that you read this story and this story to get into the right frame of mind. Laura might get some company.


Laura said...

People keep talking about race being an issue in the slow response. I'd like to be willing to add this to the list of things I hate about the current administration and the way it's running the country. But, realistically I think it had very little to do with race. I think it had much more to do with money.

Let's face it, if this tragedy hit San Francisco, which is a pretty solid ethnic mix, the response would have been quicker. Because San Franciscans have money. And cleary this administration feels that they need to go where the money is. I think that this administration has made it clear that as far as their concerned, if you don't have money, you don't matter.

Chris said...

Hey Laura, I want to raise the point that race and poverty are very strongly connected, and that it'd be hard to pull them apart entierly. In this case it's fair to say that George Bush failed people who were poor and black. Whichever of those two reasons he had for ignoring them damns him.