September 5, 2005

Manoeuvre Sur Les Derrieres

Bush is now nominating Robert for the Chief Justice spot. Basically Bush is now moving Roberts from the O'Connor seat to the Rehnquist. Roberts has proven so boring that Bush figures he can be smoothly confirmed. Trying to elevate Scalia to Chief, for example, would be much harder. Scalia is smart, colorful, extremely conservative, and has a long history of biting judicial opinions. Roberts, on the other hand, seems to have no qualities of any kind, good or bad. What remains to be seen is who Bush now picks for the second seat.

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Laura said...

I have this strange feeling right now that it took me a couple of days to identify. I think that it's sympathy for that idiot in the White House. Does anyone else get the impression that he thought being President was about sitting in the big chair his dad used to sit in and playing war with real-life soldiers and real-life tanks? Yet here he is, faced with the most eventful presidency in recent history. No wonder he constantly looks bewildered, turns out being President means working hard and answering to the people. Poor guy.