September 26, 2005

Bush's reckless spending costs you $7,469

George Bush, "the CEO president", has increased the nation's debt from $5.5 trillion to $7.9 trillion. Let me just write that out longhand so that you can see what it looks like: $7,900,000,000,000. If we divide that evenly among every man, woman, and child in America that means we each owe $26,974, $7,469 of which has been added by GWB.

Unforeseen expenses brought on by Katrina, Rita, etc., and criminally underestimated expenses in the form of Iraq and the Medicaid drug benefit plan continue to ratchet up the amount that we owe. Yet George still pushes for tax cuts for his wealthy friends so that they can swim in their giant rooms filled with money.

More from the San Francisco Chronicle.

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