September 29, 2005

What's Cool

I know you all are wondering to know what's cool and what's not. Luckily I'm here to let you know.

Serenity: Very Cool. I am pretty big booster of this movie. As you may have noticed, I've had a "Can't Stop the Signal" banner ad for this movie up for a while now. It comes from a short lived but very good tv show called FireFly. The best description comes from the Weekly Standard of all places "Think of it as Star Wars, if Han Solo were the main character, and he still shot Greedo first."

Kevin Sites in the Hot Zone: Cool. Yahoo is offering this travel blog/multimedia site Featuring one of those roving reporter types going places you never want to go. Check it out.

Commader-in-Chief: Somewhat Cool. All political shows will get a fair hearing here at the Chant. The problem is that West Wing means that we expect shows about the President to be well good. The Slate review says almost everything about it I would have, if I had more time.

John Roberts: Not Cool. I mean he's really powerful and is going to run SCOTUS for the rest of his life, but at least he's not cool.


Laura said...

I don't know about everyone else, but I'm a bit less upset about Roberts replacing Rehnquist than I was about Roberts replacing O'Connor. It makes sense, sort of, to replace a conservative with a conservative.

I am, however, prepared to be enraged when Dubya finally gets around to naming O'Connor's replacement. I am saving my wrath for that debacle.

Chris said...

What's cool? Remix culture. Check out this remake of The Shining so that it seems like a trailor romantic drammedy.