December 1, 2005


December 1 is world AIDS day. AIDS has killed 25 million people worldwide. AIDS has faded as an issue in the United States as new drugs have come online that now makes it possible for people to live with the disease. AIDS in America is kind of like background noise, just one reason given among many for you to use a condom.

But these drugs are too expensive for the third world and the AIDS infection rate boggles the mind. 38% of Swaziland is HIV positive. Think about the demographics of that. You get AIDS in your late teens or early twenties. Without treatment, that means that instead of being a productive schoolteacher, construction worker or office worker in your late 30's or early 40's you will be dead. While means some of the countries in Sub-Sahara Africa will cease to exist in another generation.

Do what you can to help. Data is my recommended site, both for information and action.

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