December 20, 2005

Modern Life

So on my way home from work, I stop at the gas station. The credit/debit system is down so everyone has to pay cash at the counter instead of just running your card at the pump. There is this big line at the counter. Everyone with a vaguely ticked look on their face. Now I'm sure that some time in the past we all paid for gas with cash and we all had to stand in line to do that. But I don't remember that time. Do you?

While we are doing random life stuff, has anybody seen a tip jar filled with water before? Was at a pizza place downtown and when my buddy tried to leave a buck he had a start when he dunked his hand in water. The counter-girl, a pretty little thing, all tats and dreads, said it was to keep people from swiping her tips. Has anybody seen that before? It must make cashing out at the end of the night a real production.

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Larry said...

Actually, back in the days when we all paid cash, gas stations were what we now call full-serve. So we paid our cash to the guy who walked up to our window, and got our change back from him (along with our S&H Green Stamps).