December 18, 2005

G0 SEE Syriana

Syriana is a great, intriguing film. Its about politics and business, lawyers and money and CIA agents and intrigue, but really its about oil. Just like there are a million reason given as to why we are in Iraq, but really its about oil. The movie is operating on about five different levels. Kind of like real life.

This is a complex movie, complex like Middle East politics is complex, I'm tempted to try and outline the plot here, but one, its two complicated and I don't have all day and two, I don't want to spoil anything. But pay attention when you go see this. Drink coffee before hand. But not enough to have to go to the bathroom half way through. This is the kind of movie that you need to own on DVD because repeat viewing are vital just to understand everything that is going on.

So to sum up: Oil, Coffee, Syriana, Go See.

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