December 9, 2005

Just For Fun

While I was driving through Texas and Oaklahoma on my return trip from Redlands, I was listening to these guys on the radio talk about Rita Cosby (who hosts the show "Live and Direct with Rita Cosby" on MSNBC). Basically they were slamming her because they thought she was a bad journalist.

I knew of her and have listen to a minute or so of her program while flipping channels every so often. But the other night I watched a good 20 mins. of her show. And I must agree with those radio guys: She is the most talentless woman on TV. She's such an awful anchor. Words just can't describe how much she sucks. Please turn on her show (9pm EST) and be sure to give it at leas 15-20 minutes. If you only watch for a couple, you won't get the full effect and thus won't concur with my assessment. She has such bad timing, she talks too slow, her interviews are awkward and she has a horrible voice.

Also, I don't know why, but I'm so f***ing sick of John Lennon. I'm not quite sure why. I can tolerate all the Elvis crap, but the whole John Lennon thing just bugs me. Why? He didn't do anything wrong. He was a good person. I'm just so sick of the coverage. Yeah, yeah, he got shot, he was Beatle, give peace a chance, yada, yada, yada. Why do I feel this way?

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