December 28, 2005

Poison Fruit

Doesn't Bush watch Law and Order? Don't you know how many headache it causes for the DA's in the second half of the show when the cops in the first half don't follow the Constitution? Via TAPPED we see that because the case against terrorist suspects involved illegal, extra-constitutional wiretaps, those cases are now in legal jeopardy. And the more rules get broken, the harder it is to make leagal terrorism cases, thus leading to more broken rules:

The reason is that the illegality of the unlawful operations winds up poisoning the operations of the normal legal process, as we're seeing today, rendering it increasingly ineffective and forcing more and more things to be pushed into the "off the books" illegal side of our policy. You can't, in the long-term, suspend due process and normal legal procedures "just a little." Once you reach a critical mass of outside-the-law activities, their scope will keep on expanding unless you reach a point where you're prepared to disavow them entirely.

The whole justice system is, at its core, about following the rules. Everybody following the rules. Tempting as it is to go outside the law, particually when the the bad guys are so bad, it always bites us in the ass. If the government starts breaking the rules, the whole system is in jeopardy. Which will in the end make us all less safe.

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