December 1, 2005

"I keep a blue flag hanging out my back side, but only on the left side, yeah that's the Crip side!"

Here's an article on "Tookie" that shares my sentiments:

Crediting Williams for denouncing gangs is sort of like praising tobacco companies for their anti-smoking campaigns.

Should Schwarzenegger grant clemency? Delgadillo said: "I think the justice system has done its job and a jury of his peers found him guilty." (In plain talk: No clemency.)

Also, check out the author's audio opinion here

Refreshing. Not like Sierra Mist soda, but refreshing nonetheless!

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Laura said...

No one doubts that Stanley Williams is not a good guy. Everyone knows that he and his buddy founded one of the most violent gangs of all time. And everyone knows he's a convicted murderer, so he's clearly not going to be sainted anytime soon.

The question is not what he did in the past(because this man is never getting out of prison), but whether or not what he is doing now has value. And it does. He is telling kids that gangs will lead you down the wrong path. Even if he's not saying, "Hey, I'm a bad guy. I killed 4 people and I'm sorry for that." he is telling kids not to get involved in gangs.

And I think that his word carries alot more weight than the word of a parent, or the word of cops. If kids who are in a questionable position hear this man, the founder of one of the most infamous gangs ever, say that gangs are a bad idea they are more likely to listen to him. He knows where they are coming from and they might feel he understands the situation a whole lot better.

This man is going to spend the rest of his life in prison. And prison isn't a fun place to be. Every day he has to think about why he is where he is and what he could have done differently. And if he saves even one kid from making the same idiot choices that he did, than his life has value.