December 27, 2005

Bush: Pro-Bimbo

The story was good enough already, but it just got better. The Bush administration will be aiding the case of Anna Nicole Smith, she of the really big, um, hair, in her fight to inherit millions of dollars of her late, great 89 year old oil tycoon husband. The case has made it all the way to the Supreme Court. The issue at hand is not was the marriage a farce (Yes!) or is the whiny son of the tycoon more deserving (Um, No!) but rather a serious issue. The issue is can a Federal court rule on a will drawn up under State law and the implications for the division of ...zzz.

OK, the issues of the case are kind of dull, unless you are a lawyer groupie. But Anna Nicole Smith is going before the Supreme Court with Bush's lawyers at her side. Priceless.

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