December 10, 2005

Soccer Saturday

Now for some completely irony free enthusiasum for World Cup Soccer. The drawing of groups for next year's World Cup was held yesterday. Check out the homepage. Click on "Relive the Draw." It has this cool little animation which shows the different countries going to each group. The United States has drawn the "Group of Death." Don't you love a tournament that has a "Group of Death." What that means is the US is in a group with former Champion Italy and the Czech Republic (Currently number 2 in the world) along with Ghana. Top two advance, so the US has got to knock off a world powerhouse to advance. The toughest group in the tournament. Good luck gentlemen.

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shmooth said...

We only have to play one team ranked higher than us - the Czechs.

We can actually play with Italy - and beat them. Their mystique is gone - ruined by their 'defense ball' so many years ago. _They_ are under pressure to win, _and_ to prove that they're not hasbeens on the world soccer stage.

We'll play well against the Czechs - don't know if we'll beat them. Ghana will be tough, but we can beat them. Wonder if Mr. Adu will be playing for us - doubt it.

The toughest thing for the U.S., I believe, is they/we just can't beat European teams. We smashed Portugal in the last Cup and then almost gave it away - leaving most to believe in the flukishness of any U.S. wins, and thus our ranking - we're ranked above England! We need some consistency, and we've got _some_, but not against Euro teams. Kicking Mexico's butt every other day is getting tired! Oh!

So, this is ok - this is a test. The U.S. is too isolated in the world - it's helped us grow into the world powerhouse politically, economically, and cutlurally, but to do it in soccer we'll have to start playing more Euro teams on a regular basis. Game in Carson coming up soon against Norway or someone...