June 21, 2006

Ding Dong

The Bill is dead. Republican in the House are signaling that they will not compromise with the immigration bill passed in the Senate, which means that this a bill which won't become a law. Yeah. As I believe the mighty Yglesias pointed out there will almost certainly be more democrats in both the House and Senate next year, so why try and pass anything on immigration now when you can pass a much better law next year. Actually, this logic applies to every single issue that Congress is considering right now. So here's to a do nothing Congress.


larry said...

So much for Bush as leader of his party.

But as for more Democrats in Congress next year, well, it all depends on who is managing the voting and doing the counting this November. If it's the same folks as in 2004, I wouldn't expect to see much change in the makeup of Congress.

larry said...

For those of you who are certain that Dems will pick up Congressional seats in 2006 (and likely the same group of people who thought Kerry was a shoe-in in 2004), see here: