June 2, 2006

Road Trip

Planning on a road trip this summer? Do I have idea for you:

The Mongol Rally

Its a London to Ulaanbaatar road rally. No cars with an engine bigger than 1 liter (i.e. total crap only). Last year 43 cars left and 27 reached Mongolia. Two teams were robbed at knife point, one car broke in two, and three people were banned from the nation of Turkmenistan for a year. Nobody died. Good Times.

You can follow the exploits of a New York based team on their blog. They plan to play Rock the Casbah when they reach Mongolia. I love it. The rest of their respective 200-hour-long music playlists are being sumitted to an arbitration committee. They just posted a picture of the car. They are so doomed.

1 comment:

Tyler said...

Remember the Datsun 310 GX I had in high school (a.k.a the DeLorean)? I bet that could have done alright in this race!----(88 miles per hour!!!!!).