June 4, 2006

Seeking Guidence

Election Day is Tuesday. California Primary Day. As always I offer my polite suggestions. Now with a Primary, most of the action is choosing between members of the same party to determine the final showdown in November. Being who I am, this means choosing among Democrats. Picking in a Republican Primary is just picking which kind of boot you're going to kick me in the knee with.

First, the CA governor race. Phil Angelides and Steve Westly must arm wrestle to see who takes on Arnold. I got to go with Angelides here. The guy knows what he's doing, which is something the State really needs. I think the nerd will do well against Arnold in the end. A case can be made for both guys and I won't be broken up if Westly gets the nomination, but the State needs something other than flash right now. The Chant recommends Angelides.

Next Lt. Governor. A three way race between State Senators Jackie Speier
Liz Figueroa, and Insurance Commissioner John Garamendi. All three solid candidates, which is surprising for a job that consists of waking up every morning and asking "How are you feeling today, Governor?" Should Governor Angelides suffer a tragic pocket protector accident, Garamendi could step right in and take the reigns. Plus he comes with a tasteful Italian last name. The Chant recommends Garamendi.

For Controller we have Joe Dunn and John Chiang. I am going with Joe Dunn because he is a more boring sounding guy for a boring job. The Controller signs the States Checks. The Chant Recommends Dunn.

The AG race is interesting. Do you like your chief law enforcement officers conventional, or kinda crazy? This race pits former Governor and current Oakland Mayor Jerry Brown against LA City attorney Rocky Delgadillo. Brown was "Governor Moonbeam" back in the day and fairly um "eccentric." Day to day you are never sure what he is going to say or do. Delgadillo is more of what you expect in a responsible lawyer type. While I’m temped to just see what Brown is going to come up with, I got to go with the responsible choice. The Chant recommends Delgadillo.

Quick Shout-Outs for Bill Lockyer for Treasurer, Cruz Bustamante for Insurance Commissioner, Debra Bowen for Secretary of State and Jack O'Connell for Superintendent of Public Instruction. Don't ask me why, just go with me here.

Two ballot measures, they are slacking off from last time. Prop 81 is a library bond act. Libraries are how I became so smart, er, smartass. Support Libraries. The Chant recommends Yes.

Prop 82 is preschool for all. Raises taxes on those making above $800,000 per year. Preschool good and I’m nowhere near making that much money. The Chant recommends Yes.

Any questions? No really, any?


larry said...

Bustamante for Insurance Commissioner?????

Darcee said...

When is the chant coming out with a Nevada voter guide? You know I am lost without my big brother for guidance.