June 9, 2006


So I wake up and I think "You know what would make a great gift on this, the day of my birth? If a major and particular vile member of the GOP Congress were to resign today."

And what do you know? Tom Delay has officially resigned from Congress after giving a nasty and weird goodbye speech. Happy Day.

So while I'm asking, how about a sports car, a hottie, two tickets to the Bahamas and a hundred grand in cash?


Chris said...

Wow, the first day of the last year of your twenties! Try to enjoy it without too much self-reflection. That's for next year.

Tyler said...

Happy Birthday Craig, welcome to my world! At this point though I only have about 6 months till I turn 30. But for men it's not such a big deal.

You know the "old saying:" Five years from now a 25 year old man will be 30. But a 25 year old women five years from now will be OLD! Ha ha ha ha ha, ahhhhhh ha ha ha ha ha ha, he he he.....uh.....yeah.

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday Craig. Hope you had a great day.