June 7, 2006


Gone to Vegas this weekend. Yearly Kos. All the people I read getting together for parties and panel discussions. Wannabe President Mark Warner is offering a super party:

In particular, the conference represents a tremendous opportunity for Warner to introduce himself to the blogs -- most of the top political activist bloggers on the left plan to attend -- through his key-note luncheon speech on Saturday, and also through a little old-fashioned glad-handing. Warner will court the bloggers as though they were primary voters, with a free food and booze fest, billed as Blogosphere at Stratosphere, on Friday night. It promises to be quite a scene, according to the invite:

make sure you don't miss the open bar, the free food, and the free rides (they have crazy rollercoaster rides atop the 100+ floor Stratosphere)

I'm missing an open bar with a Presidential candidate! Just so you know when you give to Mark Waner Leadership PAC, know that the money is going to booze up Liberal Bloggers.

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