June 8, 2006

Need Help?

I'm not saying I have a problem. But it's good to know that I have options.


Tyler said...

Have any of you ever played
this game? It's pretty darn addicting. It costs about $13.99 per month, but you'll definately get your money's worth.

Erin said...

"Parents should take notice if a child neglects usual activities, spends several hours at a time with the computer and has no social life." Um that's rather vague, I'm pretty sure that includes most of the people I knew growing up and almost everyone I know now. But only a few I think are actually gaming.

I've been a computer "widow" twice now, I know the signs: if the person you know spend more time with their game character than with their best friend and/or lover, they may be addicted to gaming. If the person you know turns down sex in order to finish the level they are on, they may be addicted to gaming. If they spend more money on their video card than their car, they may be addicted to gaming.

There is a comedy sketch in here, I feel it.