June 12, 2006

One World, One Game

I spent the Weekend doing America's pastime, but for the next month its World Cup baby. I know, I know America doesn't do Soccer(Futbol) But pointy headed, one-worlder that I am, I embrace the sport. I like getting into something that the whole world is getting into. Plus, English fans chant "Two World Wars and one World Cup" when England plays Germany. You can't beat that.

If your going to watch World Cup, you have to do it right. So this morning I took in USA-Czech Republic at the Streets of London pub. 9:00 am start and it was standing room only. I had bacon and Guinness for breakfast and watched the US get it's ass handed to it. I didn't know they grew so big Czechs so big. They just pushed the US around in the air. Going to have to do better than that boys.

All your World Cup blogging needs will be met by Goal Post at TNR. Read this and you will know what your talking about when discussing the game over bangers and mash.

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