June 20, 2006

See the Future

This November you can see what the future looks like if they ever manage to scuttle Roe v Wade. The really nasty abortion ban that was passed in South Dakota is now going to a vote of the people. The pro-choice people are keeping the option of challaging the law in court, but this is going to be a real test of strength between the two side.

This is what the future holds in a post-Roe world. The abortion issue will be given to the States, which means a big ugly fight times 50. Some States like my own CA the pro-choicers will win easy, and I see little hope in the deep South. But most places the fight will be brutal. Abortion, for all the heat it generates, really doesn't come up for debate these days. Roe v Wade has pretty much settled the issue, except on the margins, like late term abortions, parental notification and public funding. But throw out Roe and everything will be in play again.

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