June 7, 2006

Results Show

The Results are in! Phil Angelides, powered by a last minute Craigorian Chant endorsement, has pulled out the victory in the Govenor's Race, setting up the classic nerd vrs jock dynamic in the General Election. Garimendi made it in for Lt. Govenor. The people of California ignored my wisdom with regard to Jerry Brown as attorney General. That race should be entertaining, to say the least. Both Props lost, so no preschool or new libraries for the children of California. Oh, and the voters of Amador County are too cheap to pass a vector control agency, so they are all going to die of malaria. Overall, the cheepskates showed up yesterday.

Busby (D) lost in the Duke Congressional race. Doh. It was a wild series of events that made her competitive in the first place. Have to settle for the moral victory there.

Really this is just an opening act. The big Show is coming in November.


larry said...

Cheapskates indeed. The library proposition was only $600 million - chump change. I guess everyone thinks that watching American Idol is all the education that is needed in the US. Then we wonder why the jobs go to India and China....

larry said...

Speaking of cheapskates, here in Massachusetts, Ipswitch, a town north of Boston, is bemoaning the fact that the recent torrential rains and resulting excessive river flows have damaged several of the bridges. This will lead to traffic problems and a reduction in business for downtown.

The main bridge dates back to ... are you ready ... 1764!

So, we have a 240+ year-old bridge, and no one has thought to come up with a few bucks to replace it. It's a good thing we're talking bridges and not levees.