January 14, 2008

Chronicles Reviewed

What with the strike on and all, the most interesting happening on my TV is Terminator:Sarah Connor Chronicles. Now Arnold is busy bankrupting the State, but the franchise keeps on trucking without him. Robots, badass chicks, and time travel paradoxes. The first night was all about settling the timeline. The three Terminator movies each had a different theory of time travel. The result is mess of paradoxes that the new show can solve in the only way possible: that's right, with more time travel.

The new Sarah Conner, last seen in 300, seems passable, and almost pulls off the heavy voice over narration they give her to read. Young John Conner, last seen on Heroes, has the winey teenager bit down. We shall see what kind of Sci-Fi Messiah he'll make.

Far and away the best part of the new show is Summer Glau as the latest robot protector. As we learned with Firefly nobody does creepy supernatural waif like our girl Summer. She does great stuff with both her line reading and body language. Sometimes she's a robot successfully pretending to be human, sometimes unsuccessfully. And sometimes she's just a fraking killing machine. Regardless, she impossible not to watch.

And so I'll keep watching.

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The pilot is currently available for free on iTunes.