January 1, 2008


This is the year I become svelte. 2007 was the year I learned what svelte means and I figure 2008 will be a good year to put that knowledge to good use.

The writers strike will drag on, resulting in no one watching any TV or movies at all. People will be forced to turn to blogs for all of their entertainment needs.

White will be the new black.

Both sex and money will remain popular throughout 2008.

Inevitable Democratic victory. Like I would predict anything else.

Real estate is crashing and will continue to crash. I myself am moving my money into sports memorabilia. If OJ can go to jail over it, it must be worth something.

Bush will not have grown in office, even in his last year in office.

Life will remain complicated, despite a number of people claiming they can make it simple.

What's your prediction?


Tyler said...

I predict that the stock market will be down for the first half of the year and up in the second. So move your money into cash and bonds until mid June and then move it back to stocks/index mutual funds.

Also, I predict that there will be at least one traffic jam on Interstate 5.

larry said...

There is no such thing as an inevitable Democratic victory. Even if a Democrat is running unopposed.

All it takes is a Republican to step up and say he forgot to cast a write-in ballot. Sen. Reid would then genuflect, say "Yes, Master", and declare the election null and void.

larry said...

I predict John McCain will beat Hillary Clinton in the November election, the result of some misplaced Ohio votes being found in Karl Rove's office on November 11.

The irony will be that McCain dies of old age two days before the election, thereby uniting Hillary with John Ashcroft in the ranks of politicians defeated by dead people.

Even though the Democrats insist that a dead McCain will be a better president than Dubya, Chief Elector Scalia decides that McCain has earned a well-deserved rest and declares that the winning vice-presidential candidate, Ayatollah Huckabee, should move into the White House. Huckabee then appoints Guiliani in drag to be his first lady, oops, I mean vice president.

Happy New Year.