January 16, 2008

Who Gets a Say

Dennis Kucinich ended up losing a court fight to be included in last nights Democratic debate in Nevada. While I'm sure that his defenders will claim that this is an injustice and an attempt to bar the left from the national debate, at a certain point we half to separate the people who can win this from the people who can't. There were something like 40 candidates on the New Hampshire ballot. There are lots of people out there "running for President" some are just ego tripping, some are total nutters. The is a serious process. We need to focus on the real candidates. Poor Dennis is just on the wrong side of the Real/Not-Real candidate divide. He pulled in 4% of the Michigan vote on a ballot that lacked Edwards and Obama. He was beat ten to one by "Uncommitted"
He has no money, no campaign infrastructure, and no chance. I'm sorry but everyone who says "I'm running for President" doesn't get a invite to the debates. Call me a elitist if you want, but thems the breaks. If life was going to start being fair, it wouldn't begin in the Presidential race.

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