January 3, 2008

Results Show

First off, Iowa is a clear win for Obama and a clear loss for Hillary. Obama put together a solid margin of victory against top notch competition. All three major Democratic campaigns went all out in Iowa and Obama is very clearly the winner. Clinton came in third, which is pretty damn awkward place for a frontrunner to be. Edwards, supposedly in his make or break race, was neither made nor broken. A distant second and a narrow avoiding of 3rd is not what he needed. Edwards is in a hole, behind in the polls and way behind in money. He didn't dig any deeper, but he didn't climb out either. Obama can build momentum in New Hampshire or Clinton can get her mo back, but neither of the big two is going down early. This fight goes on.

Big Huck is going to cause the GOP trouble. His populism gives the tax-cutters fits and his complete lack as far as foreign policy knowledge goes gives even the brilliant minds who brought you the Iraq War the willies. But he has tremendous game with conservative Christians and could very well “ah shucks” his way to the nomination. The GOP establishment (who hate Huck) need to unite around a candidate fast. But I don’t know who. Rudy is faded, Thomson asleep. Romney just lost to Huck after spending all his political capital in Iowa. I’m just not convinced that anti-torture, anti-global warming, pro-immigration, pro-campaign finance reform McCain can become the standard-bearer of the Conservative establishment.

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larry said...

I think McCain wins by default, by being the least objectionable to everyone.