January 8, 2008


You didn't think it was going to be that easy, did you?

You know, for a moment there I really did.

Its a measure of just how fast expectations have shifted, that tonight's narrow Clinton win is a bit of a shocking upset. I bet if you told the Obama strategy team a couple of weeks ago that they would win Iowa easy and come in a close second in New Hampshire, they would be very happy. But now a narrow Obama loss feels big. That's a score 1-1 for those keeping track at home. I think every race is going to be important from here on out. This isn't going to be over fast. Its very clearly shaping up as a two person race, which leaves Edwards out in the cold.

McCain does his thing. I am going to refrain from predicting how the GOP side of things will play, cause it would make me look foolish. Too many moving parts.

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Erin said...

Okay, first everybody was surprised that Obama won a state and now everyone is surprised that Hillary won a state too! As I told you, the north east likes Hillary. What is this "big shocking upset"? Is it just that Dems are so shocked to win anything these days that they can't help reeling in shock when a Democrat wins in a primary against OTHER Democrats? Or do people just believe that one tiny state really does decide the entire country? Lots of states will decide on different candidates. The people who are shocked are forgetting the last election. You can win a state and still lose the nomination.