January 7, 2008

Fast, Fast, Fast.

New Hampshire votes Tuesday, so there is barely time to get all the needed attack ads, polls and spin filed in time. Of course, sometimes the spin outruns the polls. Here's Clinton's guru Mark Penn getting embarrassed.

That there is an Obama bounce underway is pretty clear. The psychology of "bounces" is pretty clear. Winning gets you lots of attention. People like to back a winner. If you can't make up your mind, the most popular choice is pretty safe. The restaurant with the long line outside usually has the best food. And the effect builds. Win one, the second win is easier, then the next, and so on. Which is why its important that someone other than three old white farmers in Iowa not always get the first shot at picking the winner.

1 comment:

Erin said...

Although, when I think about it - I mean it's not really a surprise that three old white farmers in Iowa picked Huckabee. But that they picked Obama... now that's a shocker. I had my money on Edwards for Iowa. Edwards for an early state and then a slow swan dive end as everyone remembers his $400 hair cut.

I'm betting Hilary for New Hampshire. They like her up northeast. And Giuliani.

Anyone else? No money, but bragging rights!