January 18, 2008

Ground Zero

Its like Cheney is some kind of event horizon of lawlessness, crushing our Constitutional order from within. Now the Secret Service is caught up in it too:

The arrest of a man named Steven Howards in June 2006 after he approached Vice President Dick Cheney at a Colorado ski resort and denounced the war in Iraq might have seemed, at the time, no more than a blip on the vice president’s schedule.

But now the blip has become a blowup, with Secret Service agents — under oath in court depositions — accusing one another of unethical and perhaps even illegal conduct in the handling of Mr. Howards’s arrest and the official accounting of it.

The revelations arise from a lawsuit Mr. Howards filed against five Secret Service agents, accusing them of civil rights and free-speech violations. They offer a rare glimpse into the inner workings of the Secret Service, which usually wears the standoffish, plainclothes cool of its mission like a cloak of invisibility.

So they arrested an anti-war protester with no cause and then tried to cover up this fact by claiming the man tried to assault the VP. Its no coincidence that all of these things start with Cheney. The man has no respect for the law and he is in charge. When the guy in charge has no respect for the law, no one else does ether.

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