February 6, 2008


That my friends, is what a Super Tuesday tie looks like. Hillary and Obama just split the Country. Obama won more states and smaller states, Hillary won bigger states. The popular vote was essentially tied. Delegate counts remain incomplete, but everybody’s math is pointing in the same direction – Obama with a slight lead in pledged delegates, but Hillary holds the lead once Superdelegates are added in. But the numbers are so close the contest must go on. New Mexico is still tied at this hour. California went to Hillary despite the very important Craig vote going to Obama. I’m having real trouble finding out how American Samoa voted last night. How can I hype their results if they don’t release them? The Democratic race is no longer establishment giant Clinton vrs scrappy insurgent Obama. This is an epic battle between two titans and the whole nation is going to feel this fight.

The GOP race looks in the bag for McCain. Good old boy Huckabee turned out to be very strong in the south, despite the lack of money and the general sense that he’s taking a test he just didn’t study for. But those Huckabee wins mean that Romney can’t unite the Anti-McCain forces in the Party. McCain doesn’t have the race locked mathematically yet, but he does have himself a very commanding lead.

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