February 28, 2008

My Mind, Getting Lost

One of the many things I hate about the current regime is that day to day, it resembles nothing more than a Hollywood dark conspiracy. A completely incompetent Hollywood dark conspiracy. On Sunday 60 Minutes ran a story revealing Karl Rove's involvement with the underhanded, politically motivated conviction of a now former Democratic governor of Alabama.

The CBS station covering northern Alabama went dark during that part of the broadcast. Not dark for night or dark for the whole show. They just didn't broadcast the individual 12 Minute segment. Due to "technical difficulties." And yes, the owners of the station are major GOP supporters.

What kind of half-ass grand conspiracy are these people running?


Erin said...

They are running the kind of conspiracy you get when you read too many spy novels. The ones where the bad guys always leave you alone with the death trap, having forgotten to first pat you down and remove all of your nifty gadgets. The ones where after you escape, the bad guys then proceed to attack you ONE AT A TIME, making it easy to defeat them.

It's bad enough to have an incompetent government, but it's down right offensive that they think we're stupid too.

larry said...

If we're not stupid, why are they still in charge?

Archaeogoddess said...

You know, for the life of me, I can't figure that one out. I *know* I voted for Gore and then Kerry and yet for some reason, my vote does not undo the number of people who are genuinely stupid or those who voted for Bush because they thought "he got us into this, he should get us out." There is a word for those people, but I don't want Craigorian Chant to get flagged.

I think (and maybe I am stupid) that in November, one way or another we will have ourselves a new group in charge. They had best not think we're stupid, or I'll get out my can of whoopass.