February 13, 2008

Secret Service Code Names

President Bush - Trailblazer
Laura Bush - Tempo
Hillary Clinton - Evergreen
Bill Clinton - Eagle
Dick Cheney - Angler
Barack Obama - Renegade

I'm wondering why Hillary isn't Trailblazer? Why should that code name go to the 42nd white dude in a row to hold the office?

And yes, even in code names, Barack is about two feet cooler than everyone else in the field.

Via Marc Ambinder

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Erin said...

I think Dub's name came from the first 9 months of his presidency when he spent all that time on his ranch clearing brush. I can see the Secret Service guys being all snarky, "Yeah, this one's a real 'trailblazer,' what are we protecting this guy from? Gophers??"