February 27, 2008

Sadly No Winner

Last night was the first Tuesday in a month that didn't have a primary election night. In fact, this week is the longest period of time without an election since the year started. I kind of miss it. Instead of a primary or Caucus we had a debate. Debates are harder to call than elections, what with the vote totals and all. A debate, especially between two well-matched and skilled candidates like what we have now, doesn't produce a clear winner, no matter what the instant-poll-focus group says.

While I am completely in the bag for Obama, I really have no desire to watch Clinton lose, especially when so many people will call it a humiliation, both for her and uppity women in particular.

So here's to Texas, Vermont, Rhode Island and Ohio. Next week may they vote Obama a noble victory and Clinton a hard-fought and non-humiliating defeat.

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