February 21, 2008

The McCain Files

The story of the day is this from the NY Times, which details how John McCain was metaphorically in bed with a lobbyist and does its best to imply that he was literally in bed with this lobbyist. Sleeping with a lobbyist may be the most irresistible metaphor since the Titanic hit that iceberg, but the article seems a little thin. Basically, McCain aids were very concerned that this relationship might be a relationship.

Now, according to rules established during the Clinton impeachment, as a good liberal, I must now point out that who McCain does or does not bonk has no bearing on his ability to serve as President of these United States.

Of course, that very same Clinton impeachment established the conservative position on the matter. Boinking outside the bounds of holy matrimony is grounds for impeachment. Clearly even the possibility disqualifies McCain from office. I eagerly await conservatives to once again put this principle into action.

1 comment:

jess said...

It's not the "bonking" that I'm concerned about. It's that McCain makes SUCH a big deal about being independent from lobbyists and special interests, etc., etc. I don't care about the affair. That's his wife's problem. But it is bad for his maverick/independent image.