February 14, 2008


David Ignatius today outlines how Bush remains committed to Iraq and how thats going to kill the Republicans:

The last thing the Bush White House would want, you might think, would be to make the 2008 presidential election a referendum on the unpopular war in Iraq. The 2006 congressional elections were such a referendum, and the Republicans got hammered.

But President Bush, newly confident that his troop-surge strategy is working, is taking steps that are likely to guarantee another Iraq-driven election. He favors keeping a big U.S. force in Iraq through the November elections, probably close to the pre-surge level of 130,000. That large troop presence will draw Democratic fire -- and it will make the presidential contest all the more a test between a pro-war Republican nominee and an anti-war Democrat.

The fact that the war in Iraq hurts the GOP at the polls is not some theoretical idea. Its been tested rather extensively in the 2006 elections. Bush's response to that election has been to increase the number of troops in Iraq. What do you think is going to happen?

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larry said...

By fall, the economy will be such a mess that everyone will have forgotten about Iraq, unless something drastically bad happens there (or here). Never underestimated the self-centered nature of the US. The reason that Iraq has not drawn the ire of college students the way Vietnam did is very simple - no draft, so no one cares.