February 23, 2008

Uncle Tyler's Blog Reccommendation: Stuff White People Like

As someone who can find a lot of humor in people of different races, I tend to forget how much there is to laugh about in my own partially inbred extended family: European Americans. More commonly known as "white people" or singularly, "white person"/"European American."

This blog, Stuff White People Like, is f***ing hilarious. It's mainly intended, in my opinion, as a thumb in the eye of middle class and upper middle class liberal white people. But the observations are just brilliant. The detail this guy goes into describing what white people like, why they like it and the motivations behind their behavior will leave you laughing your ass off!
And it's drawing close to 3,000,000 hits! Did I mention this blog started in January---of this year!!?!?

There are too many to choose from, but one of my favorites is "The Sunday New York Times." I couldn't make half way through before I had to stop because I couldn't read the text anymore---my eyes were squinting too hard from all the laughing.

Two other good ones are "Expensive Sandwiches" and "Irony."

What would be a fun exercise is to peruse all the postings and see what person you know is the "whitest." You could give "whiteness" points out to whomever was described best by any particular post, then add them up and the one with the most points wins! From reading the posts, I have compiled the top three "whitest" people I know, (I know some others that may challenge these three, but these are the top three that I know AND everyone else who reads this blog knows):

1. Vanessa
tie for 2nd:
2. Chris
2. Claire

Assuming this blog keeps going, the game will never end! And you can have even more fun by rating how "white" all your non white friends are!

You can also email the writer of this blog with suggestions on what to post! It's not clear who this guy is or what his race is, but its possible he's an Asian male.

So have a good time by reading about how much of snobby, liberal, self deluded, self righteous, hypocritical---white person you are!

Seriously though....go through and check out all the posts of this blog, there's only 2 months worth. Believe me, it'll make you laugh....and think!

1 comment:

Erin said...

Dammit, like I needed another excuse to procrastinate.

So I was thinking, "Hah! I'm not THAT white! I'm not a dog person, a really am not a fan of New York, and while sushi is okay, give me Mexican and Indian any day!" but then upon closer inspection I realized, "my god, I AM white" when I realized I do a lot of white things. I have a Mac, I drink organic free trade coffee (I buy the beans and grind them myself) and I live in Denmark, which is the whitest country i know.

And of course, the whitest thing of all: I sat around reading this blog and wondered "how white am I?"

Thank you Tyler, thank you.