February 18, 2008

Entertainment Report

I found Jumper to be sadly disappointing. Up until this point I've loved everything Doug Liman has done as a director. But the man is losing his indy edge. Hayden Christensen is just dead weight in the center of this movie. He's not a hero, he's not a likable rogue, and he’s not a desperate everyman. He's just an amoral blank. And amoral blanks don't fill up very compelling movies.

Also in the bad category was the new version of Knight Rider. The trend these days is to bring back old shows and make them darker and edgier and better (Case in point.) The new Knight Rider is not darker, not edgier, and no good at all.

I know I’m coming late to this party but if you must have a positive review of something, I have fallen in love with The Wire. Very damn good.

What do you all find out there that’s good? Bad?

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