February 29, 2008


Angelina Jolie has taken to the pages of the Washington Post arguing for staying in Iraq in order to address the ongoing humanitarian crisis.

Which means I have to argue against Angelina Jolie for withdrawal from Iraq.


The problem with the humanitarian argument is that the killings and massive displacement of refugees within Iraq came even with the presence of US troops. Our troops did not preventing the refugee crisis. They are watched it. In fact, US policy is actually strengthening the Sunni insurgents and Shia militias behind the killings. The reason why US troop casualties are down is that the US now leaves alone, and even bribes the killers. We are trying to bring the Sunni insurgents into the government. The Shia death squads are already in the Iraqi government. The overall situation is not going to get better. The best we can do is what we have now - just sit and pray that things don't get worse.

Hey, if we want to start sending more aid to help Iraq refugees, I'm fine with that. But keeping US troops in Iraq forever to try and ward off humanitarian disaster in vain will just destroy any future support for humanitarian intervention in this Country.

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