November 17, 2004


As we learn who Bush is going to have in his cabinet for the (sigh) next four years, keep in mind that the #1 canidates were the people who brought you the last four years. The people who are coming next are the second string people who didn't make the cut last time. Really makes you feel good, don't it?

Today's must-read comes via the Notorious N.A.T.E.:

But it's time blue America realized it controls more than just the nation's output of immoral culture, abortions on demand, and gay weddings. It also controls the purse strings. And that suggests a strategy.

For blue staters, it's one thing to watch red states pick the President and set national policy on everything from Iraq to judges. But to pay them lavishly for the pleasure suggests that blues aren't just losers, they're stupid losers. You can feel blue anger rising. You reds don't like taxes? Okay, stop taking mine! You can have your states' rights too and we'll start by cutting your allowance!

Go on, say we are mad as hell and not going to take it anymore!

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